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INTER 2 – M/W 4:30 PM

Hey mates, you have to complete the story of one of the best sitcoms ever. Dawson’s Creek. Probably you were too young  or even born when this sitcom was released at first, but it’s so updated. Below you will find a couple of pics to present the characters quoted in the text and also a video, so you can know what is it about, if you like you can download it from . Remember that you have to complete the story with your own words, no google translator ok!, and that you’ve to write over 100 words. Thanks and enjoy it!



 Dawson Leery


 Joey Potter


 Pacey Witter



“Dawson, I will not kiss Pacey Witter!” Joe Potter said angrily. The girl who spoke was tall and pretty and she had long brown hair. The boy who she was speaking to was blond and handsome. He had light brown eyes and a fine mouth. Joy Potter and Dawson Leery had been friends all their lives. Each was the other’s best friend. But they were both fifteen years old. And life gets difficult for girls and boys at that age.

The person who Joey didn’t want to kiss wasn’t looking at the other two. He was looking out over the water of the little creek. Pacey Witter was fifteen too. He had short brown hair and long arms and legs. Pacey wasn’t ugly – he was quite good-looking, but he didn’t look like Dawson.

Pacey was a nice person. He was funny. People laughed at his jokes. But he tried to make everyone like him, and he tried too hard. He was trying too hard to grow up. Pacey had friends, but most of the time, he felt lonely. He felt lonely and ugly and stupid. He didn’t want to be fifteen. Pacey was often nervous with girls. When he was with girls, he always did the wrong thing. Fifteen is a difficult age for every one, but Pacey had more problems than most fifteen year-old.

Pacey’s family didn’t understand him. Pacey’s father was the Chief of Police in Capeside. Pacey’s brother was a police officer too. They were tough men. They didn’t undersantd Pacey and they didn’t like him.

Why did Dawson want Joey to kiss Pacey?

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For those who want to improve their listening skills watch this vídeo. It’s from one of my top 5 sitcom list, The Big Bang Theory… There are a lot of vocabulary. Have Fun!



Was it difficult? Watch it again, but now with the lyrics.






This is a video a friend indicated me that is very nice and easy to understand. It talks about cultural differences around the word. In the first episode the californian girl is gonna speak about Greeting and Smiling. Below the video you have some questions about it, which might be used with your basic student as well.



What do people from California say what when they arrive into a place?

(     ) They say hello and goodbye

(     ) They don’t say anything they only start a conversation

(     ) They ask about other people’s family


To whom people from Czechoslovakia do not smile?

(     ) Family

(     ) Strangers

(     ) Police officer





This is an amazing movie about John Keats who was a romantic poet. Bright Star tells the tale of Keats and Fanny Brawne, the love of his short life. The vernacular of popular culture and the somewhat specialized language of literary history assign different meanings to it. This movie didn’t arrived in brazilian’s movie theathers  yet, however it’s possible to download it at, there is no subtitles, which turns the listening into a challenge. Watch below some excerpts and also a brief documentary done by Jane Campion.




Sometimes students don’t realise their progress and start complaining about their speaking, but as far as I concern if you’ve studied English for a while it’ll be quite impossible to have such bad English as this Bulgarian singer from Idols. Watch the video below and have fun: