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As all of you have requested we have now three movie options, so you can choose one and write down a text talking about any moral issue that you have found out in one of them. Check below the three option. Guys, as I did not find the movie suggested by Anthony, I substituted it for Inception.

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Hey, amazing students. How was the weekend? I hope it was pretty fine. Here is your task. You will work as counselor to one of the two cases below. Remember, you have to use the structure SHOULD + HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE, in order to make it more effective. Choose one of the cases and give your advice. Do not forget that the minimum is 50 words. Have fun!


1. Charlie Howard, who is 18 years old, asked is mother the family car to visit an exposition in another city. However, the truth was he went to a disco where they served several legal and illegal drugs. When he was coming back home, completely drunk, he crashed his father’s car. Charlie and his two friends we arrested. When his parents knew they were completely disappointed. Now, they do not trust him anymore.



2. Amelia Gardener is always complaining about how irresponsible and immature her boyfriend is. She is so jealous that once she cut all his clothes because she thought he was having an affair with her youngest sister. Jeremiah Cooper, her boyfriend, wants to break up with her, he feels suffocated.  Yesterday, she said to him that if he broke up with her, she would commit suicide – she was so upset that she started beating and accusing him of cheating her on. This was the match point, after three hours of discussion he finally broke up with her.




To analyze this matter, we have to divide it into two distinct parts: the moral and the legal point of view. What is project 8? It’s a law voted by the representatives of the people of the State of California, stating that homosexual marriage was illegal in the state. We need than to remember that this voting was done, and the law is effective, now why all the uproar on this subject? The fact that Judge Walker decided that the law was unconstitutional is the reason behind all the confusion.

Ever since homosexual relationship became accepted as normal by the society, that minority started to claim the same rights as regular heterosexual couples. Now taking in consideration the moral grounds in which United States of America country was created, it is only right that a growing community such as the homosexual has its right to reach equality. The project 8 is another proof of American hypocrisy. Therefore taking the moral point of view, it is than obvious that the decision of Judge Walker is correct and homosexual marriage should be allowed.

The problemrise with the pertinent statement of the project 8 supporters, in which they state that such decision, is going against the will of the majority of Californian voters. Should a decision of a judge disregard the laws? The answer should be no. The whole legal system is based on laws, but the Anglican law system allows judges the liberty to judge on new subjects not yet defined by law. Therefore the previous decision in which allowed the homosexual marriage was valid, because there was no legislation on the matter, while the new decision made by Judge Walker is not valid, as there is the approved legislation of project 8. In the point of view of the Law, the decision should be called invalid, and until a new legislation on the matter is approved.

Putting all this under a serious analysis of the fact, I would say that project 8 should be kept and homosexual marriage should not be legal at the present moment. Not because I disagree with fact stated, but because if we allow a judge to defy the law, even a morally wrong law, we open a precedent to give judges the power to throw all the codes of law away. The correct course of action is to bring the issue back on the voting platform and readjust the current law or create a new one.



Proposition 8 is a constitutional amendment, proposed in November, 2008, to forbid same-sex people from getting married in California. This prop states that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California”. This proposition ends with any possibility of homosexual people to get married or any tentative of opening a judicial issue. A huge part of the state is supporting it and they won’t cancel the previous marriage.

The supporters of Prop 8 attest that gay union is against the holiness of the marriage institution. According to them its abusive schools teach students that being gay or marry with people from the same sex is normal. Let’s face it, this is not what our society shows. We’re not discussing how it affects the community because gay couples are real and now or later everyone will not need to accept, but face and understand it. The traditional family structure constituted by a father, a mother and their children is no longer the standard. In this century full of war, fights and disagreements, why deny two people the right of being happy or demonstrate love? This is so rare, so difficult to find, why should we condemn it?

There’s the “equal protection clause” that gives to every individual the right of being not more, not less than anyone else. Yes, you have the right of not agreeing or accept. How will gay marriage change your life? You, straight guy, still have you right of getting married, divorcing and everything else. Banning this right show how selfish the society is just because it’s not normal, or natural to get involved with someone from the same sex. The freedom of choice is fundamental. It’s an emotional appeal, they are the minority, the majority thinks that they can rule other people’s lives and this is not true. Everyone has the right to choose, to love and it’s not on our business how they’re going to lead their life. If it’s not affecting your life, don’t be against it, the evolution of society is also up to you.




The marriage of gay couples is already accept by many cities and countries around the world, but why are there plenty of people that disagree? Homophobia is something really common and it is really hard not to show some aversion to some over extravagant gay couples. However, ours feelings toward them do not interfere in the way they live. Who am I to say that you are wrong if you aren’t disturbing my way of living? As an individual, you don’t have anything to do with this. Another problem is the religion. People stay too much focused on the idea that God only approve heterosexual marriage, but we must remember that God’s teachings are about happiness and love, and this is what they are looking for.

In my opinion proposition 8 should never have existed, the state should have taken the decision not to use this alternative because people will only approve proposition 8 to calm down their fears. To conclude, Americans are so proud about their history of liberty, civil rights and their patriotic icons that Abraham Lincoln must be squirming in his grave with the idea of voting prop 8. I would vote “no” on Proposition 8.



Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment created in 2008 state elections, came up with a new provision in which only marriage between people of the same sex would be recognized as “legal” in the state of California. Not only homosexual couples were furious with the decision but also by approving so, proposition 8 subverted the constitutional right to marry once set by Supreme Court. Fact is that proposition 8 was found to be unconstitutional opening doors to the homosexual part of California population to get married.

It isn’t any surprise that in a world full of prejudice a constitutional law would be created in order to take away the rights of a growing part of society: gays, Afro descendant and Latin people and go on ‘n so forth. But the problem isn’t only that. Approving such amendment would be the same as saying that unless you are in an opposite-sex marriage you are not capable of having a loving relationship or even raising a family just because you don’t fit to the standard “American way of living”.

Equality among people has always been a global issue. But who get the benefit of judging? Certainly, it is not Judge Vaughn Walker, who pronounced to the New York Times after his decision saying that “there is no reason to restrict equality to straight couples” and even “there was a time when genders had a different role in society and marriage”. He ends his interview by claiming: “those times are gone” and I’ll end my point of view by agreeing with so.

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Hey, Advanced 2 students, I’m really sorry for my delay. I couldn’t do anything beside sleeping all the weekend after the terrible flu I’ve got. As we have dealed in the previous class, you have to choose a famous person that has influenced and contributed to the human kind in a very positive perspective and provide the following information: name, nationality, profession, talents (multiple intelligences), famous for and a quote – as the model below.



Name: Jane Austen

Nationality: British

Profession: English novelist

Talents (multiple intelligence): linguistic, intrapersonal and spatial.

Famous for: her refinement of the English novel. In her works, she mirrored society: manners, customs, and beliefs. Her most famous works include six well-read novels: Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Emma. She worked magic with the commonplace, seemingly subtle, realities of life.

Quote: “It is not time or opportunity that is to determine intimacy;– it is disposition alone. Seven years would be insufficient to make some people acquainted with each other, and seven days are more than enough for others.”

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I choose Chess Boxing because it is the most interesting to me. Boxing, generally, seems to be so violent, but when mixed with chess – a game associate with intelligence, it changes. I read on the internet that it’s a very recent sport, influenced by a French comic book character called “Froid Équateur” from 1992. Chess Boxing is played with alternating rounds of boxing and chess in a normal arena. It’s very cool because only who has chess skills can play it. And, of course, the strength required for normal boxing players. Those who practice it are called Chess Boxers. I think the most important benefits of this sport are the intelligence of the chess and the strength of boxing.





I choose the elephant polo as an unusual and different sport. A sport that has no violence and do not mistreat animals, in this case – the elephants. I have searched on the internet and there are elephant polo championships in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Nepal. I believe that Brazil would not be really interested in this sport because we do not used to see elephants around and there are no people trained for this. I believe that it does not require too much physical strength; the person cannot fall from the elephant. If it is considered a sport I do not know, but at least you should watch and laugh.



I choose the elephant polo because it is a variant of polo played whilst riding elephants. It is not a very common sport in Brazil and it is very different. A healthy sport that does not mistreat the elephant. It is played in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Rajasthan (India), and Thailand. Two people ride each elephant, who meet on the way hit the ball. I think the Brazilians do not have much interest in playing a sport like this. To practice the elephant polo you do not need too much physical effort only the ability to hold on the elephant. It’s a sport that needs concentration and after sometime you get practice.



I choose the Elephant Polo because it is a different and interesting sport. In fact, I did not know that this sport existed because in Brazil nobody talks about it… it is very funny to watch it. Elephant Polo requires, in my opinion, great courage, balance and technique. I think that this sport will never be practiced in Brazil, because here there aren’t elephants walking on streets.



I choose the Elephant Polo because it is different. The truth is that I didn’t know about this sport, its kind weird, but very interesting. I like pole, because I love horses, but with elephants it seems to be funnier. It is a sport that requires great courage, technique and love for the animal. I have never heard of this sport in Brazil and I think it is not a recognized sport in the world, but it should be, because it is a lovely sport.




I choose the hill cheese rolling because it’s an awesome and crazy race, very different and attract people from all places in the world. The winner of the race gets the cheese as a reward and a lot of pain, but a nice story to tell for your friends and family. This sport is practiced in high hills, but the race is in England and it happens once a year. This is a cool thing to do in your life, a different experience that you can get, there is the pain and sometimes people die!



I choose the Hill Cheese Rolling because it’s so different. There are people going down a mountain chasing a cheese. This event is realized annually on May, in Cooper’s Hill – England. People from all over the world can participle from this event. Many racers are on the top of mountain, hurling some cheeses. The first person to arrive gets the cheese. As the mountain don’t have a regular floor, many lesions can to occur, this lesion can be since a little scratch until fractures.

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Jennifer Aniston is as outgoing as my mother, as funny as my father and as witty as my brother. She is as charming as my aunt and as popular as my uncle. She as humble as my cousin, as responsible as my grandfather and as delicate as my grandmother.





Angelina Jolie is as beautiful as my mother, as charming as my sister, as popular as me. She is as smart as my grandmother, as patient as my father, but she is not holy at all.





Anna Paquin is as delicate as my cousin, as hard-working as my father and as perfectionist as my sister. She is as funny as my mother, as outgoing as my aunt and as reliable as me.





Barack Obama is as popular as my brother, as witty as my father, as prudent as my cousin and as responsible as me. He is as polite as my aunt, as patient as my grandmother, but he isn’t shallow.





Bill Gates is as prudent as my uncle, as imaginative as my father, as tactful as my mother, as patient as my grandfather, as perfectionist as my grandmother, as polite as my sister, as responsible as my brother and as modest as my cousin .





Darth Vader is as funny as my dog, as imaginative as my father, as hard-working as my grandmother, as stronger as my biceps, as rich as my bank account, he’s as outgoing as my cousin, as smart as my brother who is one year old, as polite as my sister, as charming as me, as impulsive as my aunt and as sarcastic as my uncle. I wanted to have Darth Vader in my family, it would be very crazy “dude”, but I have to live with my family the way they are. I love them, after you teacher, of course, huahuhauuau.





Arnold Schwarzenegger is as stronger as my father, as smart as my grandmother, as rich as my grandfather, as hard working as my cousin as polite as my uncle, as calm as my little sister, as fast as my dog, as polite as my cousin …





Britney Spears is as hard working as my mother, as smart as my brother, as sexy as my aunt, as patient as my grandmother, as thin as my cousin, as smart as my dog, as polite and reliable as me.


More than half of population are used to practice sports, it’s benefits are well known by our generation, but there are some weird (unusual) sports that have been practiced around the world. You will check below three pictures. 1st Elephant Polo. 2nd Hill Cheese Rolling. 3rd Chess Boxing. Using your imagination, choose one pic and make up what sport is this, how is it played, who can practice it, where is it practiced and what are the benefits of it? 




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