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1. If you were to boil the message of this book down to one sentence, what would it be?
2. Which of the main characters surprised you the most?
3. Talk about the changes you noticed in the different people in the novel: Jamie, Landon, and Jamie’s dad.
4. Things I Want To Accomplish – Start making a “list” like Jamie had in the movie of what she wanted to do with her life. Take a few minutes to think through at least five things that you would like to put on that list.

1. Love has no age to happen, but when it does it can changes and teaches you forever.
2. I think that Landon was the one who surprised me the most. He changed his way of thinking with Jamie; he changed the way he acted to her. She turned him into a man he was. And he married not only because of her but because of him, and he has grown up with his short wedding.
3. Jamie’s dad learned how to share his daughter, he realized that she was in love with Landon and even if it hurt him, he shared her until her last day. Landon as told upside changed his way of thinking and act. And Jamie learned with Landon and taught Landon things about the bible.
4. 1st being rich, 2nd traveling around the world, 3rd seeing snow, 4th bungee jumping, 5th helping animals ONG, 6th be happy.

1. There’s no way to explain love, if you love the person, you will do everything to make her happy
2. London, was the character that most surprised me. Even with all the events that were happening, he continued loving her. And when she was dying, he married her to realize her dream.
3. London discovered that she really loved her, and she loved him too much. Jamie’s father realized that they loved each other and let Jamie go out with him several times. London has learned to be more religious, and how to love someone.
4. 1st applying for a federal college, 2nd being happy, 3rd getting married, 4th having children, 5th giving the best for my children.

1. You can fall in love with a person you never imagine and this person can make you see life in a different way.
2. Landon because he changed after meeting Jamie and he started to valorize her and little thing that he doesn’t care before.
3. I think that Jamie didn’t change too much, she was always herself. Maybe she trusted more in people after meeting Landon. Landon changed a lot, he put the criticism and prejudice he had behind and let himself fall in love with Jamie. Jamie’s dad became more open to Landon; he doesn’t like him very much because of the pranks he used to do when he was little.
4. 1st having a great job, 2nd marrying and having a child, 3rd traveling to a lot of places specially EUA, 4th enjoying life and 5th being happy.

1. The person did not choose the partner, love chooses, if you love someone, no matter how it is, yes this is true love.
2. Landon. He changed completely because of his love.
3. Jamie’s dad changed your mind about Landon. Jamie’s dad was jealous, but with the time, he learned to respect the love of his daughter. Landon changed his actions and his opinions about Jamie and other people, he became a good man. Jamie changed her opinion about Landon.
4. 1st being a billionaire, 2nd living in Canada, 3rd getting married with my girlfriend, 4th traveling to Dubai, 5th passing to HI2.

1. Love conquers all, even death
2. Landon was what struck me most in this story because he proved all the way his love for Jamie
3. Jamie’s father has changed in relation to her daughter. He did not want to share it with anyone, because he was jealous. Landon changed your way of thinking and acting. Jamie changed when she discovered what love was.
4. 1st having a united and happy family, 2nd making a journey by ship to other countries, 3rd meeting the seabed, 4th having a love and 5th having an excellent job for the rest of my life.

1. Love is different of all the feelings, it can overcome every difficulties.
2. Landon, because he changed their behavior, his life and even after his wife was dead he continued loving her.
3. Landon changed his ideas and his life. Jamie’s dad knew Landon better and learned to divide the attention of his daughter. Jamie changed Landon.
4. 1st buying a perfect car, 2nd buying big houses, 3rd being rich, 4th passing to HI2 and 5th traveling a lot.

1. When you have a true love, you don´t forget.
2. To my mind, it was Landon because he changed his life because of a person.
3. London learned how treat a person, Jamie’s dad changed his mind about Landon, Jamie changed her opinion about Landon because he changed his mind and now he is good man.
4. 1st being rich, 2nd traveling and going to many places, 3rd meeting new people, 4th living a big love forever and 5th being happy forever with family and friends.


1. What lessons can we extract from what happened to Noah Calhoun and Allie?
2. What part of their story inspired you the most?
3. What is the definition of true love for you? Have you achieved it?
4. Write down your favorite quote from The Notebook.

1. The most important lesson to me is of sometimes life separates us from the person we love and, ironically, later connect us together again, maybe when we get more mature in love. But in the book this is kept in secret to keep the thrilled.
2. The part that surprised me the most was the end, when the old Allie remembered the story they both lived years ago.
3. I’m still very young and I can live others experiences before achieve true love, but maybe the difference between true love and false (or fast, passing) love is that the true love has no rules or limitations, you really like the other person and you can decide about your life with her/him.
4. My favorite quotes are “You can’t live your life for other people. You’ve gotten to do what’s right for you, even if it hurts some people you love” and “There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul and to me, this has always been enough”

1. Life sometimes separates us from the person we love and maybe a twist of fate later put us together under a lasting and mature love.
2. When you can briefly relive a time of turmoil and passion that they swore they would be together forever.
3. True love is one that has no rules or limitations, is that without explanation, without definition, without knowledge, no arguments. The other things in life have ordinary meaning in front of us and for the love there is only one meaning, it has a number that results in one place, the heart.
4. I can be what you want. Just tell me what you want and I will be that for you!

1. The world gives you several turns and you must always cheer for him take you right back to that person you love if it is to really happen. Time helps strengthen this feeling. No disease or something bad can destroy a sense of hope and love when it becomes strong.
2. The best part was the ending, with Allie recognizing him and all the romance they lived together.
3. True love is something you cannot explain, something that comes from within, which is asleep but when you see that special someone you fell butterflies in the stomach. With that someone could spend all time together and there is nothing more and nobody else.
4. “I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day.”

1. That everything is changeable, where what seemed impossible becomes possible, where we always have hope within us. On account of love and fate you can rediscover the love of your life.
2. I agree with Alex and Ana, the best part was the ending. I love happy ends, I think is the most important part of a story and when Allie remember the story they both lived years before, was really great.
3. True love is not something to explain, you feel it’s like when you’re with that person you love so much, and even standing next to during a quiet journey, you feel good, no need to replace it with a thousand ideas and no, I never have achieved it.
4. “You can’t live your life for other people. You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if it hurts some people you love”

1. Life is made by choices, but sometimes it depends not only on our choices, but also those of others too, then we take paths that are not always what we wanted at first…different paths of those we love. There are phases in our lives and after them we have the chance to decide what we want, decide our destiny. And the difficulties don’t make we love them any less. Sometimes all this make we love them more.
2. It’s really beautiful and impressive the part that Noah visits Allie who is with Alzheimer, to read the book of their love story hoping of helping her even for a moment to remember also that love story. And unexpectedly she recognizes the story.
3. Love is built over time. If you know a person that makes you feel good or better even in bad days, and this person brings peace to you, care about you and stay happy just for seeing you happy or sad when you are sad, and if you care about this person in the same way, you achieved it. Love has to be something to add in our lives and we have to search the happiness in ourselves and not only in another person. I achieved it, and for some reasons I couldn’t live this love in the plenitude, but it changed me.
4. “Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.”
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The Visitor: this is a film that tells the story of a pastor who lost his wife and lost his faith after the mysterious arrival of Brandon. Supernatural events change the lives of all with the presence of demons and to get rid of them much faith is necessary.


The skeleton key shows us Caroline Ellis who is a nurse. She’s there to do her job, caring for Ben after a stroke has left him nearly paralyzed and mute. But, she starts to discover things that have happened in the past, hoodoo and supernatural things. She finds more and more, and the things start to be dangerous. She has to take care of herself and she will need a skeleton key to get out.


The movie is called Vacancy and is played by Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale. The story is about a couple, David and Amy (the main characters) who get lost and ended up in a creepy motel. They stop there to stay the night, when they discover that the manager is a killer. This is a light horror movie, not too scary but it’s good. I recommend.


Nightmare on Elm Street is a very good horror movie that speaks the story of a man named Freddy Krueger who was killed and came back to kill people in their dreams as they slept. What they dreamed of became reality, and he was the one who controlled their dreams. Jackie Earle Haley plays the role of Freddy Krueger. A movie I recommend!


Rec 2: in this movie, a demon which is a virus infects people in one building and makes people aggressive. Television Reporters enter in this building, but they do not know about the serious situation and to end up the virus it is necessary to kill the demon host, which causes the virus.


The wolf in the forest: a girl in the woods was a camping trip when he decided to stroll through the woods. When she realized she was being chased by a large wolf, the wolf was frightened because they turned a handsome man in her eyes, she had no reaction and the man grabbed her in his arms and she was unable to deny the kiss. The movie’s not very scared, but I recommend


The Ring: Rachel Keller is a journalist investigating a videotape that may have killed four teenagers (including her niece). There is an urban legend about this tape; the viewer will die seven days after watching it. If the legend is correct, Rachel will have to run against time to save her son’s and her own life.



Let’s go to Vicente de Carvalho! It’s a commercial street with many different shops. People who like PCs, clothes, can go there and buy a lot of things. Some people think it’s a poor area, but if you go with me we can see that there are cool things like shopping cart, cafés, etc. The name of the city was taken of the name of man born in Santos called Vicente de Carvalho – Brazilian lawyer, journalist, politician, parliamentarian, magistrate, poet and storyteller. He was born in 1866 and died in 1924. In 1921, he wrote with Americo Martins dos Santos and Benedicto Montenegro an Open Letter to the President of Republic against illegal appropriation of areas on the beachfront. The gardens of the Santos coast are in part due to him. Now that you know more about its story, wouldn’t you like to take a walk along Vicente de Carvalho Avenue, check some computer courses and etc.? So let’s go!
Vicente de Carvalho is a district of a Brazilian city of Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo. It’s already part of the culture of Vicente de Carvalho, the Fair Roller, a traditional fair that is used barter (exchange of goods) as a form of trading, that happens on Sundays at Joana de Menezes Faro Street, where there are curious pieces and exotic, of interest to collectors. There’s also the Captain Shack (Captain’s Cabin), typical of the neighborhood restaurant with good food and great service. Frequented by intellectuals, politicians and tourists, the Captain’s Hut is one of the must see of Vicente de Carvalho for lovers of popular culture. The neighborhood of Itapema in Vicente de Carvalho is the point of the famous island of Santo Amaro, where he settled the settler Jorge Ferreira, one of the noble founders of Santos. Itapema was elevated to District status in 1953 and received the name of the renowned poet Santos Vicente de Carvalho. Unfortunately most of people don’t have curiosity to visit Vicente de Carvalho because the media always shows negative information about this place, for example crimes, assaults, slum images and others references that indicate poverty, so over the years they formed the idea that’s a poor area. It’s poor just because many projects are started and abandoned for reasons of political bickering. But according to surveys in 2002 the GDP of Guarujá had a total of R $ 1.810 billion. But after all, Vicente de Carvalho has good places for shopping and sightseeing. It’s worth checking out.
Praia Grande is a coastal city and tourist attraction where you see many tourists in the holiday season and holidays. It’s also a very attractive city for the many cool things to do like spending a day on the beach, visiting the mall to buy gifts for Portinho point against groups of friends and families, easy access from the Gateway City is also the Schooner ride for those seeking a relaxing ride and meet the small islands around the city to whom I base a search around the city’s monuments recommend going to see the Statue of Iemanjá, City Square of Peace and very interesting for people seeking a bit of everything a little leisure, culture and sport. It was one of the first areas colonized by the Portuguese, which began with the arrival of Martim Afonso.
I chose Praia Grande, because it is a beach town, which has many things to do, many tourists come to town on holidays and vacations, mainly because of the beach, but there are other recreations in the city, like shopping, bowling, paintball, restaurants, steak houses and sports centers. People from many different tastes may be interested in the city, because it shows patterns for various genres, in a matter of shopping, food, fun, sports and for those addicted to beaches. Praia Grande was one of the first areas colonized by the Portuguese, which began with the arrival of Martim Afonso in 1532. The first village founded by the explorer, sent by the Portuguese crown, was precisely to Sao Vicente, Praia Grande that remained a part until 1967. Many people talking bad rumors cause of Praia Grande, even without knowing the city, just for enjoyment, like saying that there cannibals in Praia Grande. So to have a nice day in the city, it’s good to get going on the beach and then go to a restaurant, as the Boi-Bao, visit the mall, bowling, watching a movie and who knows after playing paintball and to close the day with a gold key, go to a motel who knows, since there are many in the city.
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