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If you had the chance to buy whatever house or apartment you wanted, how would it be? Decribe it in at least 50 words. Your deadline is on March 2nd.




Hello mega intelligent students, here is your first task. Last class we saw some example about extreme sports and what does it take to practice it. Below you will find two of these sports. Choose one of them and answer the following questions:

1. What kind of abilities and skills does a person need to have to practice this sport?

2. Do you have what does it take to practice this sport?

3. Provide an example of what sport can you do exceptionally well, quite well and well enough to get by.




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Hello awesome students, here is your first task, you have to choose between the two topics below and expose your point of view. Remember to use the vocabulary you have learnt in class. Your answer must have at least 100 words. Review your text before posting it on comment. Your deadline is March, 1st. Do not forget to write down your full name on it.

Your 15-year-old best friend is pregnant. She doesn’t want to tell it to the child’s father because she thinks he is an irresponsible womanizer. You would like to support her, but she moved to another country, so the only thing you can do is send her an e-mail. Try to convince her that a two-parent family is much better for the child.

Your 40-years-old divorced mother has 2 children. You and your sibling are living in another state because both of you are freshmen at a federal university. She sent you both an e-mail to tell that she met a 19-years-old guy 4 months ago and she is so desperated in love for him that she decided to get married. However, you and your sibling disapprove the relationship, because you think your mother will suffer. Write her an e-mail back trying to convince her that just being the guy’s girlfriend is better for everyone involved.

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Welcome awesome students to the first term of 2011., I know you would like to continue being on vacations, but we have a lot of things to do. I am grateful to be your teacher. I am willing to help you whenever necessary. Believe in yourself, because I do! Below you will find some important information.

BLOG – It was made to release your creativity in writing and listening. All your writing tasks shall be sent to the current post comment. It will be corrected and then re-posted.

E-MAIL – Whenever you want to keep in touch with me, you can send an e-mail to

CNA NET – Do not forget to access the personal website that we have developed for you, there you will find Grammar Focus, Free Activities, Readers, Dictionaries, Bookmarks, CNA News, World News, Online Grade, Games, Webcards, Forum and Charts…. lol You have to subscribe with your book access key before. The website is The WEBLESSONS are mandatory, after the end of each unit you have to do and send them to my e-mail account.

SOS – If you are having any doubts about what has been taught in class, ask me a SOS form. You will be required to come to school to review what you have learnt. Do not, in any circumstances, be ashamed to ask for help. I am here to support you.

TEST DAYS If you are not available in one of these days communicate it to me previously. Check your level below.

BASIC 1 PC1 – 18.04 / PC2 – 04.05 / MOC – 09.05 / PC3 – 06.06 / PC4 29.06 / FOC – 04.07.

HIGH INTER 2 PC1 – 22.03 / PC2 – 12.04 / MOC – 14.04 / PC3 – 17.05 / PC4 16.06 / FOC – 21.06.

ADVANCED 1SHOW TIME 1 – 24.03 / SHOW TIME 2 – 28.04 / SHOW TIME 3 – 02.06 / FINAL – 21.06

ADVANCED 2 SHOW TIME 1 – 23.03 / SHOW TIME 2 – 27.04 / SHOW TIME 3 – 01.06 / FINAL – 22.06