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Hi clever Master in English 1 students. We’ve been discussing for the couple of weeks about enviroment and producing benefits to society. So, here is your chance to set your creativity free and express your opinion. Your are trying to raise funds from the government to set your NGO up. Build up a NGO proposal for something that we do not have here in Santos. Explain in 200 words your NGO, its goals, function and benefits. Your deadline is September 9th.


Hello amazing  Master in English 2 students, here is your homework assignment. Choose carefully a famous person that you admire and who had or has contributed to society.  Set a bio of this person (e.g. his profile, dreams, goals, etc.), explain why did you choose him/her. Share your point of view about his/her contributions to the human kind. Write an 300 word essay. Your deadline is September 6th (T/T groups) and 10th (Sat groups). Good lucky. Do not forget to indentify your name, group and time.


Hi mega amazing Advanced 1 students, here is your homework assingnment. Write a 150 words  text telling us about your family, answering the following questions: How is your family life? Do you have any issues? How was your childhood? What are the qualities and flaws of your family? How is your relationship with your parents / husband or wife? If you had your own family what would be different from your family now? Your deadline is September 5th (M/W groups) and 6th (T/T groups).

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Hello wonderful High Inter 2 students, here is your homework assignment as I have already told you last class. You are interested in renting your 2 staired house, follow the example bellow and create an ad. Use more abreviations than the ones mentioned in the ad. Your tenant rented your 2 staired house, but unfortunately, she/he had seen some problems. Pick up 7 of this problems and give him/her the solution following the example. Your deadline is September 5th.

Tenant: Hello. My name is Greg and rented you apt a couple of weeks ago, but there are a lot of problems!

Landlord: Hello Greg, can you please inform me what are they?

Tenant: Yes, sir. The window is broken!

Landlord: Ok. It needs to be fixed / It needs fixing. You’ll have it fixed tomorrow morning.

Tenant: Thank you, but the light bulb doesn’t work.

Landlord: Sure. It needs to be changed. You’ll have it changed today.

Tenant: Thanks a lot Sir.

Landlord: You’re welcome



Ana Paula Machado Valadão Bessa is 35 years old. Her birthday is on May 16, she is a Taurus, her parent’s name are Marcio and Renata. She is married and has two children: Isaque and Benjamin, she is Brazilian, her hometown is Belo Horizonte. She is a musician and songwriter and leader of the worship band Diante do Trono. She has two siblings, a brother André and a sister, Mariana. Her website is




Actress Angelina Jolie is 36 years old – Angie or AJ are her nicknames – she is from Los Angeles in the USA. In 2005 she became famous as Mrs. Smith in Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie. Her fans also love her as Evelyn Salt in Salt. Angelina has green eyes and brown hair. She is married to Brad Pitt since 2005. As UN ambassador Angelina traveled for Pakistan to help the victims of an earthquake, in the end of 2005. She loves watching movies, reading, writing, travelling and to collecting things. She also holds license to fly an airplane. Her website is She was born on July 4, 1975 and she’s a Gemini. She is the descendant of Czech, German and Canadian people.




James Eugene Carrey is an actor, comedian and writer. He is the youngest son of Kathleen and Percy Carrey, and has three siblings. He is 49 years old, his birthday is on January 17 and he is Capricorn. He is from Newmarket, in Canada. James is divorced. His most famous movies are “Ace Ventura”, “The Mask”, “Liar Liar”, “The Grinch”, “Bruce Almighty”, “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “Fun with Dick and Jane”. His website is and you can follow him at @JimCarrey. His favorite sport is baseball and his favorite color is blue.




Kate Perry is 26 years old. Her birthday is on October 25, she is scorpion, she is the second daughter of Keith and Mary Hudson, who are pastors. She is from Santa Barbara, California, USA. Katy Perry is married to Russell Brand. She is a singer, songwriter and actress. Her most famous songs are Firework, California Girls and ET ​​ft. Kanye West. Her website is and you can follow her at @KatyPerry. Her sings Pop and Pop Rock.




Joseph Adam Jonas is 21 years old. His birthday is on August 15, he is a Leo and was born in Casa Grande, Arizona. He is an actor and singer, and he is a member of pop band Jonas Brothers with two of his brothers Kevin and Nick but, he also has a younger brother Franklin Nathaniel Jonas. He is single, you can follow him at @joejonas. His favorite sport is soccer and his favorite place in the world is Paris.




His full name is Dougie Lee Poynter and his nickname’s Doug, he is 23 years old. His birthday is on November 30, he is a Sagittarius, his mother’s name is Samantha. He is single, English and his hometown is Corringham. He is a musician and he plays bass in the band McFly. He has one sister, Jazzie. His website is http://www.dougiemcfly.tumblr and you can follow him at @dougiemcfly. His favorite band is Blink 182, his favorite actress is Hillary Duff. His favorite activity is to play videogame.




Caio Castro Castanheira is 21 years old. His birthday is on January 22, he is an Aquarius, his parent’s name are Vitor Castanheira e Sandra Castro. He is single, he is Brazilian, his hometown is São Paulo. He is an actor. He has a brother, Enzo. His website is and you can follow him at @CaioCastanheira. His favorite sport is surfing.




Jennifer Lopes was born in Bronx, the USA, on July 24, 1969. She’s a Leo. She is an actress and a singer. She can sing and dance very well, and speak Spanish too. Her favorite color is black. In 1997 she became famous as Selena. She loves movies. Her favorite sport is volleyball. Her website is http:/ and you follow him at @jeny.




Sandra Bullock is 46 years, she is from Washington, her birthday is on July 26, 1964. She’s a Leo. Her mother was a German opera singer, so Sandra can speak German and sing very well. She can dance ballet, too. She studied acting at East Carolina University in Borth Carolina. Her first big hit was Speed in 1994. She is now one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Her website is




Saul Hudson is 46 years old. His birthday is on July 23, he is a Leo. Your nickname is Slash, he is a musician, guitarist for Velvet revolvers. He is married to Perla, he has 2 children. She is from Stoke-on-Trent, England. His favorite guitar is Gibson Les Paul. His web site is




Actress Julie Fiona Roberts is 43 years old. Her birthday is on October 28, she is a Scorpio, her father’s name is Walter. She is married, she is from United States, her hometown is Smyma. She became famous as Pretty Woman. She has one sibling, a brother Eric. Her website is and you can follow him at @julier. His favorite sport is swimming.




Neymar Santos Junior is 19 years old. His birthday is on february 5, he is an aquarium, his father name is Neymar Santos. He is single, he is a soccer player in Santos, his hometown is Mogi das Cruzes. Website is and you can follow twitter @njr92 His favorite sport is soccer.




Lea Michele Sarfati is 24 years old. Her birthday is on August 29, she is a Virgo. She is single, she is American, her hometown is New Jersey. She’s a singer and actress who is making Glee where she plays Rachel Berry, she spent ten years on Broadway before joining the cast of the series. Her website is http:// the blog is totally dedicated to Lea and you can follow him at @msleamichele. Her favorite sport is singing and dancing.




Alexandre Magno Abrão (or Chorão) is 41 years old. His birthday is on April 9, he is an Aries, his parent’s name are João and Maria. He is married, he is Brazilian, his homentown is Santos. He is a musician and songwritter and leader of Charlie Brown Jr. He has no siblings. His website is and you can fallow him at @chorao_cbjr. His favorite sport is roller skating.




W. Axl Rose’s birthday is on February 6, 1962, he is an American singer-songwriter and musician. He is the lead vocalist of Guns N’ Roses.

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L and V Was Seen Together

Last Sunday, some journalists saw V leaving Vila Belmiro after a match. It is normal, but people say that L, a Corinthian man was with her. Are they having an affair? This prohibited romance can be the next “Romeo and Juliet”. A future Santos soccer player dating the Gaviões’ leader.



Mother of Neymar’s son is revealed

Right now, it’s true! A secure source spoke that she is a popular girl in this school, called A. They didn’t say her name. The story is: in one of these crazy parties, made by popular guys, she met Neymar. They talked closer, during a few minutes and then, went out. Only sober people saw them and said Neymar was hugging her. The only thing I know is she’s 15, is pregnant and her parents are angry about it.



Today when I arrived from school, I found L and he told me that M.C was pregnant! OMG M.C pregnant? I don’t believe it. But he told serious. And the worst is that the father of the child disappeared. Nobody knows where he is. And now M.C doesn’t go to school, because she is ashamed.



I arrived at CNA and people said to me that L. is a terrorist! I didn’t understand! She is so quiet and like a good girl… But nobody is sure of this; we need to do an investigation!



Oh, today a lot of people came and said to me that CA. was pregnant. They said that she got drunk in a party and on the other day; she woke up and already felt sick. I don’t know if this is true or not, but this reminds her so much.



M will play in Rock in Rio 2011

Now it is true, a CNA student – M will play at Rock in Rio! The owner of the festival confirmed that M will play in Claudia Leite’s band in the first day. People say that M is very happy with that, and he is practicing a lot for the concert.





After been seen in a lot of drunk parties and be involved in some fights on the streets, D disappeared. Is he dead? Has he moved out? No. A guy that I can’t tell the name, said me that D is on rehab. He has been sent to this place by his parents, who were tired to see theirs soon arriving home after 6am. Let’s wait to see if he will be back.



OMG today I listened that N has got pregnant from two fathers at the same time. It’s so unnatural but it’s true.



People say that A has cheated her ex-boyfriend with L

Oh my God! I don’t know if that’s a true gossip. A is a very good girl, and L… Err, I can’t say the same of her HEHE’. But I think, despite A be a little crazy, she has a good mind, and wouldn’t do that =D


People say that T is pregnant of Neymar.

Wooooow. Nobody knows if that is true yet, because Neymar didn’t say anything about that… but, people say a lot of thing, and you know. When people say IT’S TRUE! BELIEVE IN ME! But with time, we’ll know if that is true really and btw, she’ll have money to clean her ass.



Beware! Crazy Naked Guy is on the loose!

It is said that D was seen running naked on the streets and that he has freaked out. D was not doing fine since the death of his turtle and after that he began to have hallucinations about his dead pet. Pay attention while you walk on the streets folks, because he’s really dangerous.



L’s grandfather was murdered by Hitler!

Investigating over L’s life, I discovered from a very reliable source, a very strange and sad story about his family, his grandfather was killed by Hitler. The same source said that L discovered it recently; we imagine that it was a big shock to him.

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1:40 – the girl was taken by police
3:22 – comfort was given by girl
4:21 – the girl was answered by a woman
4:57 – the match was sold by girl
5:02 – the candle was lit for the girl

5:42 – the girl was taken by the woman
6:03 – the story was directed by Roger Allers
6:06 – the story was produced by Don Hahn
6:36 – the story was distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution



0:35 sticks were taken from the ground
1:42 she was rejected by people
3:50 the fire was discovered by the girl
4:07 the girl was taken by two horses to a house
4:40 woman was embraced by the little girl
4:50 the Christmas tree was seen by the girl
5:50 the girl was really found by a woman
6:36 – the story was distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution



1:12- a happy family was seen by the girl
2:30- the girl was warmed up with the match
2:40- the girl was touched by the heat of a fireplace
3:15- an extensive table of food was seen by the girl
3:48- two horses were taken by the girl
4:35- the girl was embraced by the women
5:03- a Christmas tree was adorned by girl
5:38- the girl was taken by the women



0:36 socks were worn by the girl
0:44 the girl was ignored by the people
3:55 the horses were running
4:14 the girl was looking through the window
4:18 the door was knocked by the girl


2:25 the match was taken by the girl
2:46 the girl imagined that was in front of the fireplace

5:36 the girl was found dead
6:03 the history was directed by Roger Allers



0:34 The match was overturned by the girl
0:54 People were ignoring the girl
1:23 A family was seen by the girl
2:49 The girl was dreaming with a fireplace
3:30 The girl was hungry
4:18 The girl knocked on the door
4:42 The girl was embraced by a lady
4:50 The Christmas tree was seen by the girl
5:00 Candles were lit by girl
5:42 The girl was taken by the woman