Hello wonderful High Inter 2 students, here is your homework assignment as I have already told you last class. You are interested in renting your 2 staired house, follow the example bellow and create an ad. Use more abreviations than the ones mentioned in the ad. Your tenant rented your 2 staired house, but unfortunately, she/he had seen some problems. Pick up 7 of this problems and give him/her the solution following the example. Your deadline is September 5th.

Tenant: Hello. My name is Greg and rented you apt a couple of weeks ago, but there are a lot of problems!

Landlord: Hello Greg, can you please inform me what are they?

Tenant: Yes, sir. The window is broken!

Landlord: Ok. It needs to be fixed / It needs fixing. You’ll have it fixed tomorrow morning.

Tenant: Thank you, but the light bulb doesn’t work.

Landlord: Sure. It needs to be changed. You’ll have it changed today.

Tenant: Thanks a lot Sir.

Landlord: You’re welcome

  1. Heron
    2011/09/05 at 6:48 pm

    2 staired house w/ lrg rm and din rm. Two Cpt brs and two baths. Fully furn w/ two garages. One block from the beach and nr shops. $ 1,300/mo, 1,500 sec dep. Call Heron at 577-1234

    1- The ceiling fan is missing one blade.
    It needs to be fixed. You will have it fixed tomorrow afternoom.

    2 – There are cigarret burns on the carpet.
    The carpet needs changing. You will have it changed next week.

    3 – The shelves have termites.
    They need to be replaced. You will have it replaced today.

    4 – The window pane is broken.
    It needs to be fixed. You will have it fixed after tomorrow.

    5 – The lock on the front door is rusty.
    It needs replacing. You will have it replaced next friday.

    6 – The cabinet door is falling off.
    It needs to be fixed. You will have it fixed today afternoom.

    7 – The air conditioner is not cooling.
    It needs checking. You will have it checked tomorrow.

  2. Márcio Vinícius
    2011/09/05 at 7:26 pm


    Beautifull 2 staired house with 2 garages, 4 brs, 3 baths, lrg kicthen, swingpool, mod furn, all util inc nr transp and beach, and shop, more info send msg to rentalhouses@mail.com.


    Tenant: Hello, i am writing to you because the 2 staired house if you rented to me have many problems! I really wasted if you solve these problems, the first it’s going with stove’s bruners its

    unexpected don’t turn on, the second problem is the light bulb of the kitchen doesn’t work, i’ve changed the light many times but the light NEVER turns on, the third is the trash under the carpet

    it’s disgusting and i take to you the fourth trouble whick is the painting of walls of the first bedroom that is terrible, i work and study a lot don’t have time to solve these problems and the

    eletronics are worst, the tv, the washer and the microwave, are these the 7 problems i’m having with the house.I’ll be Waiting for your answer.

    Landlord: Hello, my dear i read your last e-mail, and thought of some solutions for the house problems, i will give to you some solutions and suggestions: to the first one i bought news stove’s

    burners, to the second i will visit the house with one electrician next weekend, and i will take news carpet and will taking these to laundry, about the first bedroom i need to see to take one

    solution, and about the eletronics i have one friend, when i go to the house i give to you one card of him, see ya.

    Márcio Vinícius – Mon & Wed – 6’o clock pm Pre High Inter 2

  3. Vinicius Gonçalves Garcia
    2011/09/06 at 12:43 am

    Rent a 2 staired house w/ one garage and swimming pool.
    The house is in a good location, nr a market and a pharmacy.
    Mod kitchen ands bath.
    Ctr Brs. $1,000/mo, $1,100 sec dep.
    If you wish more information, please, call Vinicius at 673-4567.

    Tenant: Hi, I am Lucas and rented your house few days ago, but there are some problems …
    Landlord: Ok Lucas, please, tell me what are they.
    Tenant: Right. So, the door knob is broken.
    Landlord:No problem. It needs to be changed. You will have it changed probably Monday at morning.
    Tenant: Thank you, but the cable TV is not working right.
    Landlord: Hmm, it needs to be corrected. Monday at afternoon, you will have it done.
    Tenant: Ok, the next one is the walls, i think it needs to be painted.
    Landlord: Sure. You will have it painted Wednesday.
    Landlord: Anything else ?
    Tenant: Yes. The carpet and the window are dirty.
    Landlord: Understood. It needs to be cleaned. I will check and later I return the call to tell you the date.
    Tenant: Great. I almost forget ! The curtains are too much old.
    Landlord: Right. It needs to be replaced. You will have it replaced today.
    Tenant: Nice, but there is one more thing. The tap is leaking.
    Landlord: Oh, that is very stressful. It needs to be fixed. You will have it fixed Tuesday.
    Tenant: So, and about the dryer ? It makes too much noise.
    Landlord: It needs to be repaired. You will have it repaired Thursday.
    Tenant: That is all. Thank you very much.
    Landlord: You are welcome. If you have any problems, you can call me again.
    Tenant: Okay. Bye, have a nice day.
    Landlord: Nice day to you too.

  4. Vitoria Amorim Padrão Rodrigues
    2011/09/06 at 2:04 am

    w/ lrg living room and din rm, 5 cpt brs, 6 baths, w/d, HW, Util inc and garage. AVAIL NOW! For futher information call Blake at 555-3287.

    Tenant: Hello, my name is Vanessa and I rented your beautiful house a couple of weeks ago, but there a LOT of problems.
    Landlord: Hello Vanessa, it’s me Blake. Can you tell me in total, how many problems are?
    Tenant: Yes, there is exactly 7 problems.
    Landlord: Okay, can you tell me what are they?
    Tenant: Yes, the first is the cabinet door is falling of.
    Landlord: No problem, I’ll send my carpenter to fix it.
    Tenant: Okay, the second problem is that the light bulbs are burnt.
    Landlord: Okay, I’ll buy some new lights and I’ll call to someone to install it.
    Tenant: The third is the air conditioner is broken, and you know, I’m living near of the beach and here it’s too hot! I can’t wait much time.
    Landlord: Okay, in my opinion this air conditioner is a little old, so I’ll buy a new one and in the maximum in 2 days you’ll have a new and good air conditioner.
    Tenant:The fourth is that the doorknob is broken
    Landlord: Hahaha, no problem too, when the carpenter go to fix the cabinet door I’ll tell to him to check it out the doorknob too.
    Tenant: The fifth that is the curtains are too old.
    Landlord: Buy new curtains that I paid.
    Tenant: The sixth is that the refrigerator is not working properly.
    Landlord: I will call the technician in refrigeration and it will take a look in the refrigerator.
    Tenant: And finally the last one is .. that the walls are filthy.
    Landlord: Okay, I’ll call to the bricklayer and he will repaint them.
    Tenant: OMG, thank’s Mr. Blake
    Landlord: Oh no, that’s fine and please call me Blake.
    Tenant: Haha, okay, thank’s for everything.
    Landlord: Okay, I’ll call in this whole week to keep you informed.
    Tenant: Okay, have a nice day.
    Landlord: For you too.

  5. 2011/09/14 at 2:02 am

    Apt on thirth fl w/ liv rm, 1 cpt br, 1 bath and kitchen,
    totally furn. Nr beach, shops and transp.
    $ 1,100/mo, util inc. Call Robert at 578-1234

    I – Mr Robert, I´m Brenda. I rented your apartment days ago. I am calling about some problems there is.
    Landlord – Sure. Tell me Brenda wich are.
    I – The walls is filthy. They need to be repainted
    L – Don´t worry. I´ll have they repainted tomorrow.
    I –The light bulb is burnt in living room. It needs to be replaced
    L – All right. I´ll have it replaced tomorrow too.
    I – The Washing Machine not working properly. It needs repairing
    L – I´m sorry about that. I`ll have it repaired in next week.
    I – The window in bathroom is broken. It needs replacing
    L – That’s right. I’ll have it replaced in next week too.
    I – The curtains are too old. They need to be replaced.
    L – Excuse me. I’ll have they replaced only next month.
    I – The carpet is torn. It needs to be replaced too.
    L – Ok. I’ll have it replaced in next month
    I – The kitchen door is loose. It needs to be fixed
    L – Right. Tomorrow, I’ll have it fixed.
    I – Thanks Mr. Robert, I hope the repairs. By
    L – By Brenda.

  6. 2011/09/14 at 8:19 pm

    2 staired house w/small liv rm, din rm, 3 br, all cpt n furn. 2 bath, mod kitchen, balc w/btfl view. No garages. $1000/mo, $2000 sec dep. Nr transp n campus. Further information, Karla 599-2210.

    Tenant: Hi, I am Laura, the person who rented your staired house last month and there are problems with the furnishings. First of all THE CEILING FAN IS MISSING ONDE BLADE.

    Landlady: Hi Laura, Its needs to be changed, you”ll have it changed next week.

    Tenant: Thank you, but I have more 6 other problems to solve. Theres are CIGARRETE BURNS ON THE CARPET and IT IS STAINED of something blue. The SHOWER IS BROKEN and the AIR CONDITIONER IS NOT COOLING.

    Landlady: Oh my God! I didn’t know about these problems! The carpet need to be replaced, you”ll have it replaced next month.The shower needs fixing, you ‘ll have it fixed tomorrow morning. The air conditioner need to be checked, you’ll have it checked tomorrow morning after the handyman fix the shower.

    Tenant: And there are more 2 problems I need to tell you. The bathroom’s LIGHT BULB DOESN’T WORK properly and the bedroom’s CURTAINS ARE DIRTY.

    Landlady: The light bulb need to be repaired, you’ll have it repaired in 5 days. The curtains need to be washed, you’ll have them washed today afternoon.

    Tenant: Thank you again!

    Landlady: Your welcome, you can call me anytime!

    Karla Mary Budha – monday/wednesday 18/19:15 – hight inter 2

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