Hi clever Master in English 1 students. We’ve been discussing for the couple of weeks about enviroment and producing benefits to society. So, here is your chance to set your creativity free and express your opinion. Your are trying to raise funds from the government to set your NGO up. Build up a NGO proposal for something that we do not have here in Santos. Explain in 200 words your NGO, its goals, function and benefits. Your deadline is September 9th.

  1. Lucas Galante
    2011/09/05 at 7:32 pm


    Reusable Bags to Students:
    Usually students have little trash, but discard the wrong way bring great harm. After eating snacks, candy, instead of throwing out the trash on the sidewalk, why not have a reusable bag to discard their own trash?
    The NGO [R.Y.R] decided to create a reusable bag for students. For all ages and all schools. Thus the NGO hopes that the government can contribute to the dissemination of new marketing bags.
    The NGO wants all students to create awareness to the trash and properly dispose of trash as well.

    Slogan: Student, the responsibility is yours too!

  2. 2011/09/10 at 2:32 am

    My NGO is about animals and his name’s is save and help the animals. In Santos have many animals abandoned and in uncomfortable situations as for example mistreated, let the animal trap in small places, adopt an animal and then put it out, etc.
    The first idea it’s about raise money, we search the animals and take care their after this we adopt a fair and search a new family for this animals. And for each animal adopt us to get one value symbolic for help us with the animals.
    We have many volunteers for to give a shower and to shear the other animals for raise money. The true is that the price is more cheap than another.
    The other option is that people can donate calling for us.
    How my NGO can help the animals?
    There are many options. One the ways is if these people see an animal suffering, without food or in a small place to the size of the animal or other types of suffer, call us and some minutes we are there to help and love.
    So, we want the better for the population and take care these animals we should reduce the fatalities and the accident when you’re going somewhere not to soil their shoes with poo.

  3. 2011/09/15 at 8:21 pm

    NGO – No more junk mail !!!! (NMJK)
    The proposal this NGO is how people can discard the electronic garbage (junk mail). Nowadays the number of electronics that are throw away is huge, because is much cheaper to buy another just like the similar electronic. The people throw away without knowing the damage it is causing to the environment and also that this electronics can turn these electronics crafts. For example, a craftsman used an old television as a dog house, he or she painted de television, and he removed all the internal equipment and put a little bed for the dogs. In São Paulo is a huge amount of phones, computers, mp3s, printers in the trash, with that the city hall has created a permanent place for recycling this material. With this, the NGO wants to teach as the people can use this trash because many times this material can be fixed e donated to a poor family or someone who is unable to buy a new one. So, the function of the NGO is learning how to discard this garbage and if necessary seek the electronic garbage and give a good final destination.

  4. Adriana Bento Rodriguez
    2011/09/16 at 9:34 pm

    The aim this NGO is help the homeless, for your treatment, recovery and professionalization. The goal this NGO is promote the restoration of people with street trajectory, restoring the dignity, pride, self esteem and the possibility of a new life, restoring your physical, emotional, social, mental and family. Today there are many men, women and children facing problems of poverty, hunger and unemployment. By prejudice and fear, most of them drinking alcohol, drugs, steal to sustain the family. For this we need the help of public, private, financial institutions, good professionals in health and education. There are NGOs that hosted the homeless and some of them today work as a volunteer of the NGO itself that took him helping others who are in the same situation one day they passed. This is a motivation to decrease this number of people who are human beings with tragic stories of life and need a fresh start.

  5. Ynauá
    2011/09/17 at 2:59 am


    The NGO visualize peace in bus and public locations, we doesn’t need to listen music we don’t like, because someone don’t have educations e respect for the others. The distribution of headfones and flyer, that will demonstrate who sound pollution can afect people’s life and the correct way to use cellphones with mp3.
    Despite the name, this is not a NGO angst funk music, is just a tries to brig peace to loud cities, -they dont need to be louder- and everyone can be happier if everyone respect your on “space”.

  6. 2011/09/23 at 2:39 am

    NGO – No Car, No Motocycle

    My NGO is about the days of no riding in a car or motorcycle. Is very important to think about it because we are talking about the future of our planet and the next generation that will.

  7. Wilma da Silva Pasta
    2011/09/23 at 2:19 pm

    NGO: Seeding.

    The newspaper “A Tribuna” reported that the hills of Santos are suffering by deforestation.
    Many farmers are leaving to plant fruit trees because big buildings are invading large areas; so, without trees, the ground becomes vulnerable
    The consequence is that the slopes are getting very fragile and the lack of planting can cause collapse. So, the NGO could prevent the damage with a slogan: “Plant a fruit tree and protect the nature”.
    “Seeding” would be responsible to contact big farmers like Holambra and Terra Viva for obtain seeds or little trees, like banana trees, guava trees, carom trees and other fruit trees that could fructify quickly. Students of Biology would be invited to reforest the slopes. English schools could promote a big reforestation action with the students, taking them to help the NGO, especially in the Saint Patrick’s day.
    It would be a volunteer job, then NGO would disclose this activity in the public or private schools, but the essential would be to involve the neighbors of the deforested slopes.
    After some years, the fruit would be distributed for the dwellers.

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