Hello Toefl students, here is your homework assignment. Salary increases and promotions to new positions are not the ways to reward employees for good work. What other rewards for good work can be effective in encouraging further good work? Use specific examples to support your response. Write down 400 words about it. Your deadline is September 17th.

Categories: 11. TOEFL
  1. David Torres
    2011/09/17 at 1:24 pm

    It is a complicated topic to tell about because people usually are not satisfied but I agree that salary increases and promotions not always are ways to reward employees for good work. Sometimes, a person would like to hear only a answer from boss like “your are working very well” or “you are intelligent and this idea will be good to company”. Of course, is important to increase salary and promotions but often that was not what you wanted. Indeed, people like to feel useful and it is not different in a work. For example, a relationship where the husband has a lot of money and he don’t give attention to her. In this case she can buy anything but actually she only wants his attention and not only money. In a company is like that, the employees want attention, want to know that their work is important to company, that their work is bringing results.

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