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  1. Lucas Ferreira
    2011/09/06 at 5:37 pm

    Nowadays is very common take a plane to travel or to work ,but in 1901 it was only a dream to santos Dumont , he had the dream that people can fly like the birds.
    Santos Dumont born at 20/07/1873 in Palmiria- MG he spent al his childhood . In Ribeirão Preto he started his studies , later he enrolled himself in a sciences cult in Campinas, after that he went to a school in São Paulo.
    When he complete twenty one years old his father sent him to Europe to get better his studies and learn new technologies , his thought was all about of mechanic , the first invention was the balloon that he called of ´´Brasil“ in October of 1901 he received the Dustche prize with the number six balloon. At 1906 he used a biplane machine , the famous ´´14 BIS“ .It flows so far of the floor . Even in this year he won more three prizes.
    With the biplane ´´14 BIS“ he could fly 5 meters of height in a speed of 40 km/h and flow a distance of 220 meters, in the year of 1928 Santos Dumont came back to Brazil and he was received with a lot of love and affection , was prepared a big party to Santos Dumont, but a plane with his name that he has built with three scientists aboard had suffer an accident and everybody has die, so Santos Dumont canceled the party and this shook with his health ,after that he came to live in Santos- São Paulo. He died in 23/07/1932.
    Moreover that Santos Dumont also was a writer and invented more things, he writes 2 books: ´´Dans-Lair“ and ´´O que nós veremos“
    I decided to chose him because his main invention, the plane is use for almost everybody nowadays and is very important to a lot of things, like travel, work, transport products and beside that he is a national hero, so I admire very much this men Alberto Santos Dumont

    Lucas de Freitas Ferreira
    CNA – Master English 2- T/T – 16:30

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