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Hello amazing students from High Inter 1, Advanced 2 and Toefl 1. We are starting a new term. I am pretty sure you are full of expectation and I am certain that if  you commit yourself to  this term  learning process  you will improve your linguistic competence in a meaningful way.

Your written, reading and listening tasks will be posted here, you will render your contribution writing on the comments and after I will check it, correct and post it again. This will be our main source of communication, so check it every week.

I only want to remind you that I DO BELIVE IN YOU, and my will is being progressively unnecessary to you as you became more and more idependent. May God bless us all.



1. What’s your name? How old are you?

2. Why did you choose Hilton Hotel as your first job experience?

3. How would your family describe you?

4. Write down your top 5 personal flaws and qualities

5. What extracurricular activities do you participate in?

6. Do you speak any foreign language? Are you fluent?

7. What is your availability?

8. How much money do you expect to make in a month?

9. What have you been reading lately?

10. Why should I hire you?



1. My name is Lucas Lousada Rodrigues, I’m 15 years old.

2. Because, my dream was always working in a hotel.

3. I think my family would say I’m polite, helpful and hardworking.

4. I’m funny, easygoing, friendly, polite and helpful, but I’m very shy, stressful, lazy and clumsy.

5. I have drums class and technical computing.

6. Yes, I speak Spanish, Italian and Finnish. I’d say I’m advanced.

7. I’m free on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

8. I expect making R$1100.00.

9. I have been reading Sherlock Holmes.

10. Because, I think I have more qualification than the others candidates.


My name is Ramon. I’m 12 years old. I am studying Spanish and English. In my free time I practice basketball and surf the Internet. I want to study in Harvard College of Medicine. I want to be a specialist in orthopedics. I also want to have experience in nursing area. I want to work in the Crefiery Hospital because the infrastructure of this hospital is very good and the hospital is very beautiful.


1. My name is Lucas Guevara, I’m 15 years old.

2. Because I have always wanted work in a hotel, and Hilton Hotel is an excellent hotel.

3. I think my family would say I’m hardworking, polite, friendly and stubborn.

4. I’m polite, friendly, hardworking, laid back and smart, but I’m stressed, stubborn, clumsy, messy and slow.

5. I’m studying in an English course.

6. I speak Portuguese and English, but I’m not fluent.

7. I can work only in the evenings.

8. I want to make an amount of R$600 or R$700.

9. I have been reading Sherlock Holmes.

10. Because you need me and I won’t disappoint you in this job.


1. My name is Eduardo Oliveira Mantyk. I am 13 years old.

2. I think Hilton Hotel is very nice, it could help learning many things about the profession and I can be a good receptionist.

3. I think my family would describe myself as a shy, smart, funny and loyal person.

4. I am funny, loyal, smart, happy and creative. I am shy, lazy, stubborn, bossy and clumsy.

5. I like helping poor people, and helping to recycle things and I like playing football.

6. I speak English and Portuguese.

7. I can work late or at night.

8. I think a minimum wage would be good.

9. I have been reading the last Harry Potter book lately.

10. Because you may need new people to work and I might help you


1. My name is Carolina Rodrigues do Couto and I’m 13 years old.

2. Because I have never worked before and I guess the Hilton Hotel will be a big experience.

3. They would describe me as a funny and hard-working person.

4. I am clumsy, bossy, stubborn, embarrassed and vengeful. I am also intelligent, funny, crazy, hard-work and sympathetic.

5. I practice artistic rollerblading.

6. I speak Spanish and English, but I’m not fluent, only in Portuguese.

7. I’m free in the evenings and at nights.

8. I hope making from R$600,00 to R$800,00

9. I’ve been reading The Princess’ Diary.

10. Because I would love working in Hilton Hotel and you’ll not regret hiring me.


 1. My name is João Pedro Fassina Barile. I’m 12.

2. I think it’s a very beautiful hotel and I love talking to people and solve their problems.

3. I think they would describe me as a very loyal and funny guy but sometimes a bit lazy.

4. I am funny, loyal, helpful, smart and creative. However, I am lazy, proud, bossy, stubborn and clumsy.

5. I participate from a group that helps poor kids. I also swim very well.

6. Yes I speak Spanish and Italian but both not very fluent.

7. I can work in the evenings and at nights.

8. I want from U$800 to U$1000.

9. I’ve been reading The Titan’s Curse: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

10. Because I like staying in beautiful places, I love talking to people and making friends and I’d like to have my first job.


1. My name is Daniel and I’m 14 years old.

2. Because I always wanted to work in a hotel

3. My family would describe me as a helpful person.

4. I am nervous, clumsy, moody, shy and smart. But, I am also polite, helpful, friendly, lazy and slow.

5. I swim

6. I speak English. I’m fluent.

7. I can study in the evening and at night, because in the morning I study

8. I expect making from R$700 to R$1200

9. I have been reading The Vampire Diaries saga.

10. Because you need me and I need money


1. My name is Guilherme Ursini and I am 13 years old.

2. Because Hilton is the best hotel here and it’s very beautiful too.

3. They would say I am very intelligent and clumsy.

 4. I’m helpful, intelligent, funny, organized and polite. I’m clumsy, shy, conceited, insistent and lazy.

5. I play basketball.

6. I am fluent in Portuguese and I speak Spanish too, but not very well.

7. I can work in the evenings and at nights.

8. I think in a average of US$ 700,00 and US$900,00.

9. I have been reading “The lost symbol” and “This is yours”.

10. Because this hotel is perfect and it will be my first experience in a job, and I’ll work very well.


1. My name is Hugo Henrique dos S. Soares and I’ am 18 years old.

2. Because it is beautiful and can give me more opportunity

3. My family would describe me like as a hard working, creative and polite person.

4. I am smart, creative, polite, funny and intelligent, but I am bossy, clumsy and stressed.

5. I did a course about sexual transmitted disease and I’m a people person.

 6. I speak Portuguese and Spanish

7. I can work every day at any time

8. I expect to make from R$ 2.950,00 to R$ 5.000,00.

9. I have been reading The Kite Runner

10. Because I am the best assistant that you can have  

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Hey Inter 2 amazing students. What’s up? Remeber our X-tranomal Factor from last class, well it didn’t work as we wanted to, but I found some videos that may help you with your job interview research. Watch it!
Applying for a teen part-time or summer, non-professional, job is a little different from applying for a full-time professional position. Dress should be, at the least, neat and tidy. Business casual is usually appropriate. For example, khakis and a neat tucked in polo shirt would work well. Your shoes should be moderate and you should avoid extreme hairstyles or colors. Also, keep makeup and perfume to a minimum. No jeans or shorts, no tank tops, crop tops, or anything especially low cut (shirt or pants) or too short (skirt or blouse) – keeping everything professional is a must.
For young women, a skirt is an option as well. The skirt pictured here is an appropriate length. Remember not to wear a skirt that’s too short, or too tight. Professionalism is key! This young women’s suit coat adds a nice touch and pulls together her interview attire well.
In a button down and tie, this young man looks professional and well dressed for any job interview. This is a great option for young men applying for jobs.
Be aware to these hints
– Don’t be late for the interview!
– Dress up for the interview
– Know yourself
– Know about the job you’ll be interviewing for
– Think about yourself in relation to the job
– Understand what employers are looking for
– Set realistic expectations about salary
– Know what hours you can work, and prepare to be flexible
– Be always punctual
– Don’t chew gum
– Fill out every part of the application and use your best handwriting
– Avoid peppering interviews with “um” and “like”
– Make eye contact
– Be yourself
– Be memorable
– Show your enthusiasm, but don’t be silly
– Prepare, prepare, prepare
– Be aware of your body language
– Remember you are making an impression from the first moment you walk in the door
Questions you might hear
– Tell me a little about yourself
– Why do you want to work for us?
– What extracurricular activities do you participate in?
– Why should I hire you?
Now here is your task. Pretend you are being interviewed by Ms. Klingon to apply for a position as a receptionist at Hilton Hotel in São Paulo and answer the following questions. Be careful about grammar mistakes, proofread your answers before submitting them.
1. What’s your name? How old are you?
2. Why did you choose Hilton Hotel as your first job experience?
3. How would your family describe you?
4. Write down your top 5 personal flaws and qualities
5. What extracurricular activities do you participate in?
6. Do you speak any foreign language? Are you fluent?
7. What is your availability?
8. How much money do you expect to make in a month?
9. What have you been reading lately?
10. Why should I hire you?
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The band was having fun and singing on their plane after making a spectacular show in London, when suddenly the pilot of the plane who was taking the microphone warned that the plane was going through turbulences, so the band members decided to rest because they were tired, minutes after the band’s manager called the lead vocal, Roddy, to know if the band would accept a proposal to do a show in Paris next day, when Roddy was talking on the phone the captain advised passengers to immediately put their oxygen masks. Quickly, the singer who recorded a video and posted it on a site for his fans, so they would know what had happened. Immediately after seen the site, Roddy’s friend called the band’s manager, he also called the firefighter; while the police was trying to find the bodies they discovered that the engine had blown. So they finally called the family members to tell what had happened.




A airplane stopped Avenged Sevenfold’s show! Two million people were watching it. The show was great, they played greatly. But while they were singing the last song “A Little Piece of Heaven”, a plane crashed the stadium and killed everybody. Two hundred fifty thousand people died, other one hundred ones are in the hospitals.









Hundreds of people were having fun and sunbathing at a beach in Bali when a giant wave hit them. The wave killed many people and destroyed the beach. The only survivor – a woman, told what happened with her when the wave was hit the place. “It was terrible. My family and I were in the beach playing soccer when we saw a giant wave approaching us. I thought or we run or we’ll die! We started running when my husband fell down. He broke his leg, but he could walk until the end of the beach and we were saved”, she said. There are many people in the local hospitals.



In Indonesia, a giant wave killed a lot of people. It happened in the morning, around 9:00 AM and left thousands of people dead, it also left the whole city completely destroyed. Several children were studying at school, and parents were working at the time of the accident, I was playing on the internet when I received this sad news. It was unclear why the wave collided against the shore, but it was time to seek the victims who survived and the bodies of the dead people. It will be very difficult to start to build the city, and now, the only thing left is people’s prayer.






It was a very normal day when an earthquake stroke San Francisco, although it wasn´t a big earthquake (2.3 on Richter scale) it caused a shipwreck. The captain fell and had brain trauma. 1295 people died only 705 survived to it, but seriously injured.








A Brazilian car racer was training to the GP of Monza, when his car crashed into the wall. The emergency arrived in the place of the accident less than one minute. The ambulance was taking the race car driver to the hospital, but he died in the way because he was seriously injured. He left a wife and two daughters.



A Brazilian car racer was training to the GP of Monza. When he was going to the last lap, the car hit the wall and overturned. The rescue team arrived and carried him to the hospital by helicopter.



One day in a F1 race, Thiago Silva, a Brazilian driver who was doing the test to see the position that he would take the next day, hit the car and collided with other pilots. Due to the very strong injured he died, he crashed against the wall after being into the flames. After a few minutes, TVs programs all over the world were announcing the death of Thiago Silva, Brazil’s best driver of all times.



Yesterday a car racer in Italy died; his name was Joseph Senna, a famous Brazilian car racer. The race would decide the winner of the F1. Joseph was winning when he lost the control and crashed against another pilot, his car flipped and exploded. Firefighters immediately arrived to extinguish the fire when the car blew up. A person who was in the race and saw everything told “Joseph was going very well in the race, when he hit his car; it was not his fault but the driver who was behind him”. Many people were crying, Joseph will be missed for many Brazilians fans.



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Hey Inter 2 guys, what’s up? Here is your new task, as we saw in the previous class, the PAST CONTINUOUS (was / were + ING) indicates that a longer action in the past was interrupted. The interruption is usually a shorter action in the simple past as we see on the pic and examples below.



I was watching TV when she called.

When the phone rang, she was writing a letter.

While we were having the picnic, it started to rain.

What were you doing when the earthquake started?


Now that we’ve recaped it I want you to choose one of the HEADLINES below and write a brief newspaper article using the Past Continuous.


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Joey went to his house and had lunch; some minutes after her phone rang. It was Pacey saying he wanted to talk seriously with her, but the first thing he asked Joey was:

Pacey : – Do you want to go out with me?
Joey : – That’s a good idea, but why don’t we call Dawson to go with us.Pacey didn’t like at first, but he agreed. They decided to go to a restaurant. When they arrived Dawson pretended he had a stomachache and left, letting them alone. Pacey and Joey talked a long time until they found they were in love. Joey agreed to go out with Pacey and they kissed a lot and were very happy. They enjoyed the very silence of a local park where it only could be heard sound of birds singing and the wind.



Pacey went home. He wasn’t happy; in fact he was sad when he went to his room… later that night his dad entered his room. He said that was a friend asking for him. He went downstairs to check who the person was and it was Dawson asking if he wanted to go to a party. He said that he would decide it later. So, Dawson said that Joey would be there just to convince him of going. Pacey spent all the afternoon thinking about the party then he decided to go.

At the party, he met some friends; a group started to play truth or dare and when it came to Joey, they dared her to kiss Pacey, who told Dawson what had happened. His life was never the same.



Joey travelled to Italy; Dawson gave the trip as a gift to her, because it was her birthday. In Italy she stayed in Rome visiting many beautiful places. She ate many pizzas and pastas. She visited the Pizza Tower and The Coliseum; she also went to Venice. In the last night of her trip she went to a disco. She drank, danced and met many cool people. At the end of the night she found out Pacey was there, they started to talk. When she was leaving he kissed her. Joey loved the kiss and said “I love you”.



While Pacey was at home his phone rang. It was Dawson, asking him if he wanted to go to the beach with a couple of friends. It was a very hot day, and he said: “Yes, I will go”. So, Dawson and her friend, Joey went to Pacey’s house. After spending 1 hour at the beach, Dawson said the sun was too strong for him and left them both alone. When he went back to his house, Pacey and Joey got into an open-minded talk. Joey realized that how nice and good looking Pacey were then she kissed him.



Pacey was very weird lately with all his friends and family, and all them were concerned about what had happened. The next day, he and Joey went to school together. Pacey said Joey he needed to talk to her during the break. When it was noon Pacey tried to talk to Joey. He said he was in love with her, and without reaction, Joey ran to the bathroom. Pacey was very sad for what had happened. So, Joey decided to go there to talk to him, they talked a lot, until they began to kiss and realize they were in love.



Pacey liked Joey, but he was afraid he had hurt her, since he was her first boyfriend. She was afraid of her mother discovering that they were in love, that’s why she said she was hanging around with some “friends”, when, actually, she was at the movie with him and Dawson. The movie was awesome, but after Pacey left Joey at home he had argued with Dawson, because both of them were in love with her. The next day, when they were at school Pacey told Joey what had happened.

Pacey: Hi, Joey are you okay?
Joey: Hi, I’m great.
Pacey: Did you know that Dawson and I quarreled yesterday?
Joey: No, what a shame. Why did you do this?
Pacey: Because he said he loved you since he met you, I do not want to pretend I didn’t feel anything, but I didn’t like.



Dawson made a surprise to Joey, he bought the tickets to Disney, it was a birthday present. When they arrived there, they saw all the wonderful toys in the park. Joey met Mickey, Goofy and others. When they were going to the roller coaster, he found Pacey. Joey and Pacey were together on a roller coaster; they talked and had a great time. When the cart had reached the end of the roller coaster Joey kissed Pacey.



Joey was sleeping when her phone rang, it was Dawson:
“Hey Joey, do you have a minute?”
“So, I wanted to talk to you about my about my behavior. I know you are shy, I just wanted to let all the drama over and finally have a kiss scene”.
“It’s all right, and you really know me very well. You’re right I’m too shy to kiss him, but I’ll do something about It”
“That’s it. Bye, I just want to talk this. See you latter and good night”
“Good night for you too, see you”

The next day Dawson saw Joey and Pacey kissing in the dark of the cinema room.



Joey was in her house watching TV and surfing the internet, she was on Facebook, when Pacey star talking to her.

Pacey says: hi Joey
Joey says: hi

They talked about 30 minutes and Pacey invited her to a party, Joey didn’t accept the invitation. Pacey was sad cause Joey didn’t want to go with him to the party, then he called Dawson.

Dawson: Hey Pacey what’s up?

Pacey: Hi… Joey didn’t accept the invitation… I’m sad

Dawson: Oh man… I’m so sorry dude. Why don’t you go to her house? Take a chocolate… she loves chocolate, talk to her and show her that you a nice guy.

Pacey: Good Idea, thanks Dawson. Bye Guy, see you at party.

Pacey went to the Joey’s house and talked to her, she accepted the invitation to go to the party with him. At the party they kissed in front of the pool and Pacey said he loved her.

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